Programs in partnership with Indigenous communities

Community-led learning.



We work closely with our Indigenous partners to assess needs, gaps and strengths within their care services. Putting Cultural Safety and local cultural relevance first, we work collaboratively to design and adapt learning and implementation programs that respond to the needs of the communities we serve. 

Hours of training

24 h

Duration of collaboration

2 – 3 years

Number of educators trained


Number of participating communities



To support coordinators and directors in improving the quality of youth readaptation services within indigenous communities while creating a positive, emotionally safe, culturally relevant, coherent and predictable environment for the children and the team.

Who is it for ?

Educators who work with youth living in a readaptation unit within an Indigenous community.

Participants are involved in the conception and the application of the program in order to ensure it’s relevance and cultural safety. The needs of the educators and the youth are put first.

Inspired by

Indigenous Partnership Programs works in concort with each local community and builds learning content and implementation strategies based on local culture and history. Programs therefore contain a mix of effective Indigenous and non-Indigenous methodologies.


Boscoville is currently in discussions with various communities under the umbrella of the FNQLHSSC to develop an in-community prevention program.

Niveau 2

Le programme Pingouin-Polaris permet de mettre en place des intervenantes et intervenants favorisant le développement optimal des jeunes (routines, stratégies d’enseignement, renforcement quotidien, enseignement de la régulation et développement des compétences).

To evaluate the impact and relevance of the work, evaluations of the program are conducted by Indigenous researchers all throughout the training process.

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Researchers and consultants

Elisabeth Fast, Ph. D.

Professeure associée, Département de sciences humaines appliquées, Université Concordia

Services de la petite enfance et milieux scolaires